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In NUTRI-LIFE, we have included a wide range of fertilizers designed to solve the nutritional needs of all types of crops. This group of products encompasses foliar fertilizers, nutritional fertilizers (NUTRITIVE), which includes fertilizers used in foliar feeding and fertigation, and, last, a sub-group involving fertilizers formulated from organic matter (ORGAN-LIFE).


FOLIAR FERTILIZERS groups fertilizers based on NPK elements that have been formulated with a wide diversity of chelated microelements. The NPK and microelement compositions vary to solve, in the most effective way, the different nutritional needs of the crops during the different stages of their vegetative cycle.


Foliar fertilizer with a high concentration in Nitrogen especially formulated for the growth stages. This product is recommended for all types of crops. Its main function is to provide an important amount of Nitrogen to activate the plant after its winter dormancy.

Bail Fósforo

Foliar fertilizer with a high content of Phosphorus and chelated microelements that has been especially designed for the flowering period in every type of crop. Its main function is to vitalize flowers and to set fruits, preventing the fall of small fruits.

Bail PK

Foliar fertilizer rich in Phosphorus, Potassium and chelated microelements. Applied after the fructification, BAIL-PK favors the ripening and increases the size of the fruits, improving their quality and color.

HortaLife PK

Foliar fertilizer with Phosphorus and Potassium created especially for the flowering and the fruit setting in every type of crops, results in more fertile flowers, a better setting, a higher presence of sugars in the fruits and an improvement of size and color of these.

Life 8-8-6

Foliar NPK fertilizer with chelated microelements that provides immediate results during the growth, pre-flowering and flowering stages in all types of crops.

Life 20-8-10

Concentrated foliar fertilizer, manufactured as a gel, with chelated microelements. Its use is recommended for the growth and the flowering stages in all types of crops.

Life Kil

Foliar fertilizer with high-assimilation Nitrogen and Phosphorus and great compatibility with phytosanitary products.


The NUTRITIVE fertilizers are tailored to satisfy the plants’ nutritional needs via foliar feeding or fertigation.

Life - H

Fertilizer containing a great amount of Phosphorus in a concentrated format. It increases the cell-wall stability and the efficiency of the rest of nutrient elements

Life-KL 50

Fertilizer with a high nutritional content in Potassium and urea Nitrogen for foliar feeding or fertigation. LIFE-KL 50 increases the photosynthetic activity of the leaves, which results in an early ripening and an increment in size, sugars, quality and fruit color.

Life-KL Neutro

Fertilizer rich in Potassium that has been solubilized using short chain organic acids. Its application results in an early ripening and an increase in the size of the fruit, improving its quality and color.


ORGAN-LIFE involves our fertilizers based on humic and fulvic acids and our fertilizers with a big amount of organic matter.


Fertilizer solution containing Iron complexed using Lignosulfonic Acid. It contains 42% w/v of Fulvic Acids to improve the physical chemistry properties of the soil.


Organic matter with humic acids that is recommended to increase water retention, Nitrogen and Phosphorus absorption, the prevention of microelement deficiencies and the growth of roots. HUMILIFE improves the physical chemistry properties of the soil, such as its structure and its cation-exchange capacity, favoring the microbial life and strengthening the root development

Organlife Mix

Organic matter (fulvic acid) that contains microelements complexed using lignosulfonic acid. ORGANLIFE MIX has been designed to improve the physical chemistry properties of the soil, favouring the microbial life and strengthening the root development in all types of crops at any stage of the vegetative cycle.

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