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Latest technology in Biostimulants

New technologies and advances in the fertilizer industry have specified the needs of farmers, who work different types of agriculture, such as conventional or ecological, and need to strengthen their crops across the different stages of the vegetative cycle. Having in mind these needs, our R&D+i Department has developed a wide array of Biostimulants, which are made up from Seaweed, Amino acids and Root developers.


Our biostimulants based on seaweed have been formulated using Ascophillum Nodosum extract, whose nutritive potential for farming has been proven. This range contains products for ecological and conventional farming.

Alga Life

The algae contained in ALGA LIFE have been treated to improve the preservation of all their nutritive principles and their absorption by the plants. It is used during pre-transplant and growth in vegetables and during any stage of the vegetative cycle in the rest of crops.

Life Mar

Seaweed extract bioactivator containing Nitrogen, Potassium and Molybdenum that increases the growth of the plants and the quality, the production and the homogeneity of their fruits.


In AMINO ACIDS, we have grouped our biostimulants based on amino acids that provide these molecules directly to the plants.


Bioactivator containing amino acids, organic matter and chelated microelements that provides amino acids directly to every type of crop. This process saves energy to the plants, which can be transferred to bud formation, flowering and the setting of its fruits, accelerating those processes.


Bioactivator containing amino acids and microelements of proven efficiency that has been created especially for the recovery of trees affected by hail, freeze, droughts and other factors of abiotic stress. AMINOLIFE is especially recommended during the sprouting, flowering and the setting of the fruit.

Aminolife Complex

NPK bioactivator containing amino acids and microelements that has been designed for damaged or short cycled crops, given its fast assimilation. Therefore, AMINOLIFE COMPLEX accelerates the formation of buds, the flowering, the fruit setting and the absorption of essential nutrients.


Bioactivator containing amino acids, organic Nitrogen and organic matter that accelerates the photosynthesis and the biologic processes of the plants.
It is recommended for all types of crops in every stage of the vegetative cycle, although it is especially recommended during sprouting, flowering and fruit setting.


Bioactivator containing amino acids, complexed Iron and microelements specialized in the preventive control and the healing of iron chlorosis in
herbaceous and woody crops. It is recommended during seasons involving a high movement of sap, during weak situations and in critical moments of the crop.

Life Brotación

Biostimulant that corrects Zinc and Manganese deficiencies with a high concentration in free amino acids and protean organic matter. LIFE
BROTACIÓN favors the vegetal nutrition processes and stimulates the growth of the plant.


ROOT STIMULATOR contains our biostimulants specially formulated to improve the root development in plants and to enhance soil properties.


Bioactivator containing amino acids, low-weight molecular peptides, polysaccharides of vegetal origin and chelated microelements. Used via fertigation, ENRAILIFE creates the perfect ground conditions for the development of root systems in all types of crops. This product has been designed to maximize the adaptation of transplanted plants, those in rooting and growth stages or to strengthen the nutrient assimilation.


ROOTER is a biostimulant with natural amino acids, low molecular weight peptides and a high concentration in soluble Phosphorus and Potassium, especially recommended to be used via soil fertilization. Its balanced composition provides the perfect element supply for the formation of new roots.

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