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100% Ecological Farming

The ECO-NUT products involve fertilizers that, following European regulations, are registered for ecological farming or can be used in ecological crops. Those fertilizers correct microelement deficiencies (copper, iron, manganese, zinc, boron and molybdenum).


Nuestros bioestimulantes formulados con ALGAS MARINAS están basados en el extracto de la especie Ascophillum Nodosum, cuyo potencial nutritivo para los cultivos ha sido ya más que demostrado. Esta gama contiene productos para la agricultura ecológica y para   agricultura convencional.


Organic biostimulant with aluminum lignosulphonate that activates the natural defenses of the plants and it is used to prevent pathogenic fungi. BROTALIFE can be used at any stage of the vegetative cycle but it is specially recommended during sprouting.


Copper deficiency corrector complexed using lignosulphonic acid. This product has been designed to fight the deficiencies created by fertilizers made from Phosphorus obtained from phosphates. COBRE-LIFE requires lower doses that the inorganic products and it corrects Copper deficiencies quickly and efficiently. It also prevents fungi and bacteria damage.


Zinc and Manganese deficiency corrector complexed using heptagluconic acid. This product is assimilated immediately and it is recommended for all types of crops.


Iron deficiency corrector chelated with EDDHA in soluble microgram format that is applied via fertigation. The great stability of FERROLIFE 42 makes it work perfectly in soils with a high pH and a high content in carbonates.

Life Boro

Boron deficiency corrector solutionized using ethanolamine for foliar application. Its use is recommended from sprouting to flowering in crops and until setting in fruit trees.

Life Cal

Calcium deficiency corrector in concentrated suspension format that can be used via foliar application and fertigation for different purposes. When applied via fertigation, LIFE CAL neutralizes soils with acid pH, corrects soils with high conductivity, balances the soil’s CEC and, alternated with organic matter, it is recommended for saline soils and saline water. When used via foliar application, it corrects the Calcium deficiencies and, in higher doses, it creates a thin layer over the vegetal surface that protects the tree from sunburn and reduces the temperature of the tree.

Life Cuaje

Boron and Molybdenum deficiency corrector that induces the flowering, favors the setting in all types of crops and prevents the fall of flower buds and recently formed fruits. For that matter, its use is focused between the preflowering and the fruit setting stages of the plants.

Life MgB

Deficiency corrector containing Magnesium, complexed with heptagluconic acid, and Boron, solubilized with ethanolamine. LIFE-MgB has been designed to be absorbed with ease and to involve a lower dosage than other inorganic products.

Life Mix

General deficiency corrector with chelated microelements that provides a balanced nutrition of great assimilation. LIFE MIX has been created to be applied trough irrigation water, as it does not contain Chlorine nor Sodium.

Life Mn

Manganese deficiency corrector of quick assimilation complexed using heptagluconic acid for foliar application or fertigation in all types of crops.

Life Salt

LIFE SALT exchanges the excessive sodium in clay-humic complexes by Calcium and drags the sodium and the damaging ions to the inferior layers of the soil. Therefore, this is a product specially indicated for high sodium soils. Moreover, LIFE SALT corrects calcium deficiencies in all types of crops, saline soils and saline waters and it is complexed by lignosulfonic acid.

Life Zinc

Zinc deficiency corrector of immediate results that has been chelated with heptagluconic acid.

Life Zn

Zinc deficiency corrector that provides immediate results and it has been chelated using heptagluconic acid.

Organlife Mix

Organic matter (fulvic acids) that, as well as containing microelements complexed by lignosulfonic acid, contains organic matter and fulvic acids. ORGANLIFE MIX has been produced to improve the physical chemistry properties of the soil, favoring the microbial life and strengthening the root development in all types of crops at any stage of the vegetative cycle.


Zinc and Manganese deficiency corrector, chelated using EDTA, that contains 8% Potassium. This product can be applied to the leaves or through irrigation water in all kinds of crops and it is specially indicated during sprouting.

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