The brand LIFE opened for business in 1966. Since its establishment, it has introduced itself as a family company with a clear motto; quality and innovation.

Throughout the years we have adapted to the new advances in farming and we have transferred our values, bringing the most beneficial elements of traditional farming to the latest trends in biotechnology.


We know traditional farming closely.

Herramientas agricolas


We continue to strive for excellence in our products and formulae, which is why we have an active line of research focused on vegetal biotechnology. After several years of intense analysis, we launched LIFE PLUS, which is our exclusive technology developed by our on R&D+I Department. Based on this technology, we have developed a new and exclusive range of biostimulants called GAMA STIMULA, which is a group of biostimulants formulated to strengthen the different stages of the vegetative cycle.

These are our most relevant beliefs

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1. We encourage ecological issues and sustainability

Life has a firm commitment with the environment, enforcing the recycling of our packages.

2. We support young talent

78% of our employees are under 35 years old.

3. We provide a great variety of solutions

In Life we want to help you with your crops, whether they are conventional or ecological, and with your farming problems, such as nutritional problems or strengthening different stages of the vegetative cycle, being germination, root development, growth, sprouting and fruit fattening.

4. Our favorite test field

We know our products and understand the needs of the farmers, given that 67% of our employees work in farms during their spare time.

Our Customers Recived Exceptional Results


La marca Life inició su actividad en 1966, desde su fundación representa valores de empresa familiar con una denominación común; calidad y eficacia. Con el paso de los años nos hemos adaptado a las nuevas realidades de la agricultura.

En Life tenemos unos valores transversales que sobreviven al paso del tiempo. Tras más de 60 años de experiencia en el sector, combinamos la agricultura más tradicional con los nuevos avances y tendencias del sector.


Conocemos de cerca la agricultura tradicional.
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