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Latest technology in Biostimulants and quality fertilizers.

LIFE offers the latest advances in vegetal biotechnology and great quality specific nutrition for your conventional and ecological crops.

Our biostimulants are formulated with the most advanced vegetal steroids in vegetal biotechnology.

We help you with your plant nutrition, whether it is conventional or ecological, and to finish with your deficiencies with our deficiency correctors and chelates.

We are a family company and we export our products and values to countries in Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

Our products help the real needs of our farmers

The aims of our products are to provide a correct nutrition to your crops and to improve their productivity.

A Latest Technology

Improves the fattening of the fruits.
 Generates “Vegetal Steroids”.

LIFE GROS is a biostiumlant indicated to increase the setting and to improve the fattening of the fruit in all types of crops, especially citrus, drupes and vegetables.



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    Gama Stimula
    Gama Stimula

    Impulse and revolutionize
    your crops

    Our Gama Stimula, with exclusive formulation and our own technology “LIFE PLUS”, offers the required improvements for every physiologic stage of your crops.


    plant nutrition

    With NUTRILIFE you can satisfy all your nutritional needs with a great diversity of fertilizers of quality-tested fertilizers.

    NutriLife - Agronutrientes de calidad
    Agricultura ecológica

    The future
    of agriculture

    We understand that the current trends are directed towards a cleaner and more sustainable agriculture. For that matter, our catalogue involves our ECO-NUT range, an important variety of fertilizers certified and usable in ecological farming.

    Medio Ambiente

    Eco FriendlyCommitted with the environment

    In Agroquímicos y Nutrientes S.L. we care about the preservation of the environment and we have a firm commitment to work in a sustainable way. All our activities are framed in the line of action established by the European Union, which involves strict controls and regulations to enforce all the environmental compromises.

    Our line of action with the aforementioned follows two actions.

    1. In Spain, there is a company called Sigfito Agroenvases S.L. whose purpose is the retrieval of used phytosanitary and non-phytosanitary farming packaging. Agroquímicos y Nutrientes has joinded this system of packaging management.
    2. Another action is the hiring of various companies that retrieve and treat the resulting residues from the manufacturing process of our products.